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Some life stories are best told together! A married couple shares so much in this life: memories, children, homes, money, toilet paper, loss, grief, fights, and so much love. When married, our life stories are so entwined, that the shared narrative should be told together, so you can see mom playfully roll her eyes, hear dad fill in funny details and sidenotes, hear how they’ve supported each other, and preserve their love in action as we capture their relationship along with their stories.

If your loved ones are both still alive, together, let’s film their story side-by-side. We can record retellings of their individual life experiences, their love story, senses of humor, and their wisdom gained from years of shared family life.

We’ll come interview your loved ones, individually at first as they recount memories from their childhood, teenage years, and dating - and then bring them in to sit and chat together about early marriage, and family life. We will ask them each questions about their individual and shared life but have both present to fill in details, flirt, tease, and share the story of their beautiful life together.


filming time:

final video:

3-4 hours

60-90 minutes long

Starting Price:

Additional information:

This price includes up to three hours of travel from our locations in Lehi and St. George, along with four hours of time spent with your loved one on filming day, and your edited Life Story video.

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