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LEGACY video packages

filming the stories of those
you love most

life story video

A digital video
memoir of your loved one’s life.

filming time:

2-3 hours

final video:

60 minutes long

Their love will outlast time— 
make sure the story does, too.

filming time:

3-4 Hours

final video:

90  minutes long



"Working with The Listening Ear Project team was incredible! The process was so easy. Not having the best relationship with my grandparents made me a little nervous going into the interviews but listening to their stories actually was a healing moment for me. I am eager to do it again for my other set of grandparents! I would highly recommend this to EVERYBODY."


We travel up to three hours from our locations in Lehi, UT or St. George, UT. Beyond this time frame, travel fees will apply. We sometimes consider out-of-state projects as scheduling allows, but those trips require payment for travel, lodging, food, and extra travel time. Please feel free to reach out for a quote. We're hoping to launch a virtual option sometime soon to better serve families living outside of Utah.

Why are your legacy video packages so expensive? 

Our pricing and results reflect the industry standard for professional videography. Professional filming, quality interviews, and good video editing take hours of behind-the-scenes work. Many families spend thousands of dollars on a ten minute wedding video. Our legacy videos include more filming and editing time, more in-depth questions, and deliver 60-90 minutes of edited video footage. Clients tell us regularly that the videos of their loved ones are priceless and will only grow in value as time goes on. We do offer payment plans if you’re interested (see details above).

Do you offer payment plans for your legacy video packages? 

Yes! While we do accept full payment upon booking, we also offer a payment plan option
for those who prefer to pay in
three increments. This includes
one-third down upon booking, one-third due on filming day, and one-third upon receiving your final video. We recommend talking with siblings, cousins, and other family members to contribute to the video cost.

What questions do you ask in a Life Story interview? 

We ask questions about their family of origin, their childhood memories, and major life events. We also ask them to share life lessons they have learned or advice they have for future generations. You can view our curated Life Story Questionnaire for free here.  


How do I get the final video?

We will provide you with a Vimeo link to the video (so you can watch it online at any time), and a downloadable MP4 file that you can put on a thumb drive to give to any friends or family who would like a copy. We no longer offer DVD’s. 


How long until I receive my final video? 

Are you able to travel for interviews?

After the initial filming, we take time to edit and finalize the video. You should expect your final video about 4-6 weeks after the initial filming day.

You can start documenting your life story at any age. We generally see people from ages 62-95 interested in preserving their stories. For a video interview, consider your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional health, and find a time that feels best to you and your family! 

Yes! Adding childhood and family photos can bring a legacy video to life! We recommend selecting about 30 photos for us to include in B-roll (supplemental footage) for the main video interview.
These photos can highlight life events. We can get footage of physical photos on filming day or you can scan in photos and send us the digital files. 

How do I decide between two separate Life Story videos or a Two-in-One package for a couple?

I want to interview people for their life stories in my area. How do I get started? 


How do you interview someone with dementia? 

We have years of experience interviewing people who have dementia. Depending on the severity, life story interviews can be difficult, but doable. We recommend having a family member present to help with memory recollection. You can also have photos, favorite possessions, or use music to help them remember different stories or parts of their life. Sometimes we can capture specific memories, and other times we capture timeless footage of their personality, voice, and facial expressions. 


Our legacy videos can vary from
1-2 hours in length, depending on which package you choose! See all of our legacy video package descriptions for more details. 

It totally depends on your preference! The individual videos are a more focused life sketch, with more time spent on the details and stories of a persons’ life. The Two-in-One covers each persons’ life individually (but for a shorter time), has them tell stories together, is a bit more casual, and shows the couple interacting with each other.

Awesome! We love hearing about people continuing this work in their own communities. We do not currently have a certification or training program, but hope to create one in the near future! To get started, you need a basic microphone, a good video camera with a tripod, a list of guiding questions (check out our curated questions here), and an empathetic, listening ear. Check out our Instagram @thelisteingearproject for specific tips and equipment recommendations. 


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